Waiter pagers give staff the opportunity to be free of distraction. They are notified at the push of a button when the food is ready to be served. The servers are no longer waiting around, which allows them to focus on their tables instead. Once they are paged to the kitchen, they can grab a tray and go. The food can be enjoyed as it was intended, improving customer opinion. Waiter pagers enhance this ease of transition.

waiter pagerCustomers that receive their meal quickly will leave with a positive experience to share with everyone. Waiters that can anticipate an order, refill, or question meet customer satisfaction in a subtle, but effective way. Waiter pagers give employees the ability to focus on the customer’s needs. The guests leave satisfied and impressed with the level of service hardly experienced in normal restaurant operations. Leaving an impression on each customer can drive up online reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations. Waiter pagers help your restaurant stand out as a customer favorite.

When customers receive their food as it’s finished, they spend less time waiting at the table. Wait lines form when all of the tables are full, but most of the time spent at a table is utilized waiting. Up to half the time at a restaurant table is lost on anticipating a delivery. Waiter pagers eliminate this waste, wrapping up meals quickly and putting time in the customer’s hands. When they finish at the table quicker, wait lines are reduced. This is important during peak hours when business is lost due to long lines. Turning tables efficiently means a higher amount of sales for the day.

Waiter pagers improve customer relations because they help run the business cohesively. Waiters are paged upon order completion, giving them more time to focus on the customer and less time is spent awaiting food. The guests leave with a positive experience, having been tended to throughout the meal. And quicker reception means open tables for the line snaking outside the door. Waiter pagers help the overall performance of your restaurant. Order online, starting at $599 to own and $39/month to lease.

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