Most people are impatient by nature, with reason. No one likes to wait around for long because the cost of wasting time is often higher than the satisfaction of gaining something. What is a question or purchase worth when it takes 20 minutes to complete? When a business looks to improve customer service, wait time is one factor that should be considered. Too much business is lost on a wait time that can be easily improved.

guest pagingComing soon, Arct Wireless will release a new guest paging system capable of fixing service problems. The wireless pagers are activated with the push of a button, calling customers back to the service desk or hostess stand when they are able to be helped. This eliminates confusion and keeps guests in an organized queue. Guest paging gives customers an answer to when they will be helped and keeps the process running smoothly. This saves time and money, allowing customers to wait less and shop more.

For guests, it’s particularly frustrating to wait in a line, corralled into a small, shared space with everyone else. In order to keep the store or restaurant orderly, lines must be delegated to a particular area. As the line grows, there is greater chance for customer disappointment and money loss. It puts more pressure on the customer at the front of the line, who hurries to vacate the spot and speed up the wait time. Guest paging systems give customers confidence that the business will see their needs are met.

Guests that are given a wireless pager are free to roam around. When it comes to business, especially retail, this can be useful in up-selling. Customers that are already in the mood to buy products will grab more items for their cart as they wait to be helped. Giving this freedom also allows customers to handle other business, such as phone calls or emails. It goes a long way in improving relations with guests.

The guest paging system is currently in the testing stage of development with plans to release later this year. We’re excited to present an entire line of products that can help any company meet their desired business goals. Please check back on Arct Wireless frequently for more news and progress to come.

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