Physicians’ offices often get a bad reputation. No one likes to visit the doctor because being sick means missing out, and people don’t like to take breaks. Some even dread the doctor’s office experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Visits can be quick and painless .With discretionary medical pagers, physicians’ offices can silently communicate without interrupting appointments.

Physicians are busy and their work requires quick, accurate diagnoses followed by treatments and follow-up. Most offices only allow a 15-minute time slot per appointment in order to accommodate a whole community of people. If all appointments run smoothly, patients will see no wait time, but it’s not always possible to fit a meeting into 15 minutes. People have questions and concerns about their health and they often wait until they can no longer bear the symptoms to address it. This can turn a 15-minute appointment into a 40-minute one easily. It can be hard to keep the rest of the day on track when one appointment skews the time frame. Medical pagers offer a new solution to this old problem.

Medical PagersOnly so much can be done by patients to reduce wait time, but it can be made up on the office’s end. Instead of relying on word-of-mouth communication between staff, which reflects poor organization, a simple push of a button can allow Arct paging systems to do all the necessary talking. This avoids intrusive announcements in front of others and lengthy explanations on which physician is needed in which room. Once the nurse or practitioner is finished assessing vitals, they can notify the physician that the patient is ready without searching the building. This keeps patients circulating through their appointed time slot and aids the operation in running smoothly.

Doctor’s visits can also feel very impersonal, especially to new patients or infrequent visitors. The hurried system makes people feel as if their medical well-being is not a priority. Medical pagers allow staff to spend more time with their patients and focus on addressing their needs. This builds a lasting relationship between doctor and patient, which leads to greater trust and communication between the two.

We all can acknowledge that health care is important. We rely on medical practitioners to help us maintain the best version of ourselves. But the transition of care from nurse to doctor to prescription is often muddied with mundane tasks in between. Arct can help any medical office focus on the most important aspect of healthcare – the patient. Our systems start at $599 to buy and $39/month to lease. Order online now and start giving your patients the time and care they deserve.

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