The International Wireless Communications Expo kicked off on Wednesday, March 18 in the open exhibition hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. It was a crowd of mixed vendors and attendees, focused on various areas of communication. The aisles bustled with people of all ages, examining products that might benefit their business. Lighting, security, trunking, and many more offerings covered the show floor. It was wonderful to see that the interest in this industry is still alive and well.

IWCE Our booth, just off the main aisle of the trade show, was relatively busy on day 1. General inquiries and interest are mostly expressed on the first day. Some of our long-time dealers came by to check out the newest product, the Arct staff paging system. Its easy operation and cost-effective pricing impressed regulars and newcomers alike. A few guests stopped by for personal reasons outside of regular business inquiries; one woman grabbed a business card after mentioning that a friend might be interested in a paging system for his restaurant. We also brought newly-developed guest paging coasters, which will be available for purchase soon. Patrons marveled at its sleek design and ease of use.

After day 1 came to a close, the sponsored Party in the Park allowed us to connect to like minds over an informal gathering. Food trucks covered one side of the courtyard as lines of people wove around each other to wait for food and drink. Conversation was mixed with introductions, personal news, and business proposals. The few benches available were filled with men and women locked into discussion. The lax setting made it easy to reach out to others. It was a refreshing way to keep our existing relationships and form new ones.

iwce2015_3The second day of IWCE saw more people with particular questions, requesting solutions to specific issues their company faced. These niche inquiries are expected on the second day, when slower traffic allows for detailed discussion. Our products cover a number of ranges and vary in price, allowing for custom resolutions. If you need help deciding which devices will satisfy your needs, you can always email the Arct Wireless team to determine which option will work best.

Thank you to everyone who visited us at IWCE this year. Many of our oldest clients dropped by to check in, along with curious newcomers. Visitors were able to demo the Arct staff paging system and the feedback was widely positive. Over the next few days we will be responding to every lead received. For attendees that grabbed a business card, we encourage you to contact us with any additional questions or orders you may have. Every year, we look forward to this important event in which we can truly connect with our customers. IWCE 2015 was a success for the Arct Wireless team and we hope to return with more offerings next year.

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