Arct Wireless has done business with authorized dealers for years. They have helped support our business and grow it into a successful venture, providing our products for consumers around the world. We are forever grateful to our customers, recent and established alike. Authorized dealers receive benefits from us as well including enhanced cost and support. The new Arct Wireless website allows users to both apply to become an authorized dealer and search for approved dealers. This system continues to grow with our products’ expansion.

authorized dealerAuthorized dealers have exclusive benefits unavailable to individual buyers. Lower prices guarantee a profit margin of at least 20% without competition; all dealers receive the same pricing. Our company also offers drop shipping, removing the hassle for you. Lastly, the Arct Wireless team provides fast and friendly support for any questions and concerns you may have. We offer reliable service via email and phone communications.

It’s easy to apply to become an authorized dealer through Click on “Support” from the top menu on any of the site’s pages. On this web page, click “Become a Dealer” and fill out our form. Filling out the company name, location, and other details allows us to get to know the company better. You can also leave us a short message with questions and additional comments.

Depending on the traffic, it may take a few days to approve and process these requests. Please be patient, as you will receive a confirmation upon authorization. The confirmation email will contain a temporary assigned password that you can change upon login.

Once approved as an authorized dealer, users have access to a separate system. Prices will change, upon checkout, to reflect dealer values. Account services allow authorized dealers to view previous orders, manage subscriptions, and change payment options. Apply online to become an authorized dealer to access special offers and begin working with Arct Wireless.

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