Paging systems have traditionally been used in the medical and restaurant industries to connect the staff. They have become a necessity in a world of disruptions. People must communicate quickly and effectively and paging systems have made it simple. One-touch technology puts the command in management’s hands.

The Arct Wireless staff paging system has applications in a variety of industries often overlooked by telecommunications. They assist warehouses and car dealerships maintain organization and safety. They help instructors at daycares and in classrooms eliminate disruptions and keep children safe. The paging system also discreetly manages communications in the church and in resorts. The possibilities for this device are immeasurable and benefit both the business and their clients.

paging systemOur paddle set, sold individually, converts our staff pagers to a guest paging system. Your customers will be free to roam around the premises until your services are available. For some businesses, this means an increase in sales. People that are already in a buying mood and made to wait are more likely to purchase other items. In a restaurant, guests often relax at the bar and buy drinks while they wait for a table. In retail, customers add to their shopping bag as they wait for assistance. Although being on stand-by is not ideal, it happens to any business operation. Paging systems are the solution to the disorganized mess of waiting lines.

Coming soon, Arct Wireless will release a new paging system made for guests. Many pagers can be programmed to one single transmitter, allowing everyone on your waiting list to be placed in the queue. No more crowding at the front entrance or customer service center. These coaster pagers can improve the customer experience by decreasing wait time and confusion. Guests are free to roam around the area, secure in the knowledge that they will be assisted as soon as they are paged.

Our paging systems start at $599 to own and $39/month to lease. The guest pager conversion paddle is $5 each. Both options can generate profit and enhance reviews. Read our industries page for more information on paging systems and their use in your place of business.

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