Church services are important to many religious institutions. In a ceremony of spiritual cleansing or moral teaching, the focus remains on God. But disruptions happen when members of the parish need to be called to other rooms. Parents are needed in the daycare center, staff members are needed elsewhere to answer questions or take over a separate teaching. It can detract from the event and ruin someone’s weekly devotion. Arct wireless products allow thoughtful communication.

church pagersInterruptions can hinder the experience for church members. Once the sermon begins, it’s important to avoid them. Service can be a spiritual release for people and a very personal experience. If someone in the audience needs to be found, it has to be done discreetly. Moving along the aisles and trying to locate someone is distracting for the rest of the group. Church pagers keep communication private and the focus stays on the Word. Arct equips devices with a vibrate only option, quieter than the usual beep of a paging device. It’s the easiest way to avoid a scene.

Relaying a message to a member of the church is also detrimental to privacy. If a person is summoned during service, others will be interested in the reason for the interruption. Rather than publicizing that information, church pagers offer a tactful alternative.

Finding someone quickly assures an easy resolution. In the event a child is acting up and their parent needs to be summoned, church pagers let them know with the push of a button. After fixing the situation, church members can return to their seat and enjoy the service as intended. By attending lectures regularly, the fellowship is strengthened as is the relationship with God and his message. It’s vital to receive the lesson as intended. Although life can intervene on occasion, it doesn’t have to cut the message short. Church pagers help resolve the situation sooner.

Sermons are important for church members because they guide people toward the principles of their religion. Meetings only occur once a week for some and that time is extremely valuable. Church pagers provide an alternative to creating disruptions. Starting at $599 to own, Arct wireless equips churches with discreet communication. The leasing program, a more cost-effective solution, begins at $39/month with a one-time $100 programming fee. The program is a better opportunity for churches that plan to operate for years to come. If any device becomes damaged, we will replace it or repair it for a small fee. Read more about our leasing program here and determine which plan fits your congregation.

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